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How much does Judge Judy make in a year?

How much does Judge Judy make in a year?

According to Forbes, Judy Sheindlin or better known as Judge Judy has pocketed NZD $213 million in 2018 alone – making her the highest-grossing TV host.

Following in second place is Ellen DeGeneres who earned an estimate of $127 million in 2018 for her daytime talk show.

After 5200 episodes, there is no doubt Sheindlin has proven her worth to the US Network CBS.

The 74-year-old is a go-getter and has extended her contract with CBS to 2021, which will mark 25 years of the primetime TV show.

The show typically attracts an average of 10 million viewers through Monday to Friday on the afternoon time slot and has been the top daytime program for the last nine years.

Each season fits in an impressive 260 episodes every season which is packed into just 53 filming days per year, spread over three days a week.

Executive Producer Randy Douthit, who along with other 30 staff members produces, directs and edits the show says the simplicity of the show is what makes the show successful and profitable.

Production costs for each week is relatively low at NZD $579,414 in comparison to others which can rack up at a hefty NZD$1.44 million per week.