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A Current Affair busts cancer con-artist Belle Gibson on lavish $15K holiday

A Current Affair busts cancer con-artist Belle Gibson on lavish $15K holiday

Cancer con woman Belle Gibson has been caught out returning from a luxury trip overseas.

Gibson convinced thousands of Australians that she was suffering from a brain tumour but healed herself due to natural remedies.

As she was charged with five breaches of Australian Consumer Law, she was fined $AUD400,000 ($NZD 417,424) in 2017 as her empire crumbled around her. Many have questioned how she can afford to go overseas on a luxurious escape to East Africa, as her five-week trip reportedly cost $AUD15,000 ($NZD 15,653).

A Current Affair revealed details of her luxury overseas stay, as well as catching a refreshed-looking Gibson arriving back at Melbourne Airport with her partner by her side.

This is the first time that Gibson has been confronted since her interview with 60 Minutes in 2015, which Gibson reportedly received $AUD75,000 ($NZD 78,267) for.

Gibson falsely claimed she had brain cancer and healed herself with natural remedies. She also lied to her supporters about donating money from her Whole Pantry app and her book sales to charities.

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One of these charities included a family whose son was suffering from the same inoperable brain tumour that Gibson herself claimed she had. Gibson was supposed to donate one week’s profit from app sales, or $150,000 to the family, but never ended up donating the funds.

Justin Lawrence, of Henderson & Ball Lawyers, told A Current Affair:

“There can actually be another situation where she’s taken back to court and wheeled out from court to the jail cell,” he said.

“That can happen, and this is not fake jail, jail in her (Belle’s) own mind. This is real jail.

“The court understands when people can’t pay, that’s different to circumstances where they won’t pay.”

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