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Why your iPod could now be worth a fortune

Why your iPod could now be worth a fortune

After Apple announced the discontinuation of the iconic iPod, the amount of listings for the popular device has skyrocketed on online marketplaces - and so have the prices themselves. 

The first iPod Classic was first launched in 2001 with a $399 price tag that shocked fans at the time, and now, the news has brought some prices back up with some caveats.

“With iPods discontinued, you might be asking whether it’s time to cash in on some of your old tech,” James Andrews, money.co.uk’s personal finance editor, told The Daily Mail.

“The first thing to say is don’t get excited by list prices on eBay. While a few models are selling for thousands, the vast majority are selling for far less.

“But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t pick up a reasonable amount. Do a search and check recent sold prices for models like your own to see what you’re likely to get.

“In general, the best prices go to iPod Classic models, in great conditions and with all the leads needed included. If you're lucky enough to have an unopened U2 Special Edition iPod from 2004 in the back of a cupboard, it could make you thousands.”

If you’re wondering just how much you can get for your devices, here’s a rundown.

iPod Classic

The original model, which launched in 2001 and went for six generations, could bring you some decent profits - particularly if you have a first generation model.

According to the Daily Mail, a first-generation 5GB iPod Classic sold on eBay for $1,599 plus a hefty $114.60 for shipping.

iPod Mini

The smaller model, which came in a range of bright colours, was also slightly cheaper than its predecessor - but sellers seem to have also made smaller profits so far.

Originally retailing at $249, one eBay seller offloaded their second generation device for $324.99, while another sold their first-gen iPod for $290.

iPod Shuffle

The cutesy model came without a screen and retailed for just $99, and it appears it also hasn’t seen a huge increase in value.

In February this year, one first-generation iPod sold for $129.99, while a second-gen device sold for a slightly heftier $199.99 in March.

iPod Nano

A slim version of the iPod Mini, this version retailed for $149 and came with a big tech development: colour screens.

According to recent eBay sales, the iPod Nano has more than doubled in value, with two second-gen iPods selling for over $380 in February.

iPod Touch

The last ‘new’ line of iPods, the iPod Touch was revolutionary in that it introduced us to touch screens, it could surf the web, and it had heaps of storage for music.

Originally selling for just shy of $300 in 2007, the device has earned some online sellers between $3,470 for a sixth-generation device and a whopping $6524 for a fourth-generation version.

But, no matter which kind of iPod you have, the amount you’ll get from selling it off will depend on the condition it’s in and whether it has all the cords it first came with.

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