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Salma Hayek embraces ageing by proudly showing off her grey hair

Salma Hayek embraces ageing by proudly showing off her grey hair

It’s easy to want to conceal our own ‘flaws’ or what we consider a problem. For some, grey hair is an issue. However, Salma Hayek is choosing to embrace her natural beauty, and has no problem ageing gracefully.

The 52-year-old actress took to social media to celebrate an issue many in Hollywood are not comfortable talking about. In a smiling selfie, Hayek proudly lets her curly black hair with “white” strands frame her face. 

“#Proud of my white hair,” the mother of one shared to Instagram in English and Spanish.

Supporters of the award-winning actress flocked to the post's comments section to commend her for her positive take on ageing.

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#proud of my white hair. Orgullosa de mis canas. #hair

A post shared by Salma Hayek Pinault (@salmahayek) on Feb 3, 2019 at 1:29pm PST

“Wisdom baby!!! Who said white hair means anything negative anyways,” one Instagram user wrote.

“… You look great with your salt and pepper hair! I am doing the same thing, no more colouring my hair and I haven’t in three years now,” another wrote.

Some followers even commended Hayek by sharing they were inspired enough to think the same.

“True beauty, I’ll follow your lead,” the Instagrammer wrote.

This is not the first time the 52-year-old has addressed her positive ageing outlook on life.

“I don’t want to spend what’s left of my youth pretending I’m younger and then not enjoying life,” she explained to New York Times in 2017.

How old were you when you first started getting grey hair? Have you embraced your natural colour? Tell us in the comments below.