Wed, 19 Dec, 2018Tiana Gullotta

Jennifer Aniston’s strange nude habit

Jennifer Aniston’s strange nude habit

Ellen DeGeneres is known for squeezing little random facts out of celebrities on her talk show whilst playing hilarious games.

And there was no exception for Jennifer Aniston, as she revealed a naked habit to the host.

The 49-year-old former Friends star was on the show to promote her new movie, Dumplin’, and participated in a game called “Burning Questions”. In this game the host asks a personal question and the other has to reply with the first thing that comes to mind.

The surprises started when DeGeneres asked what was the strangest thing they both did to make money, to which Aniston replied that she cut people’s hair in ninth grade for $10 per person. Ellen shared that she casually sold vacuum cleaners.

But the shocking naked revelation came when DeGeneres asked Aniston, “Besides making love, showering or swimming, what is something you enjoy doing naked?” and without hesitation the star responded that she loves watching TV in the nude.

“You watch TV naked?” DeGeneres asked in shock.

Aniston responded, “Yeah, is that weird? At night you get in bed and you watch TV.”

The two women have been close friends for many years and their humour and honesty extends far beyond normal talk-show discussions, although it seems, they never fail to surprise one another!

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