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When we lose a loved one, it’s sadly all too common to be left wishing you’d told them how you really felt – whether it’s thanking them for being there for you, expressing how much you loved them or giving them the blunt truth. So, last month, we gave the Over60 community an opportunity, asking them to share the one thing they would tell their parents if they could. Here are some of the most touching responses.

1. Thank you

“I love you both and miss you terribly. Thank you for raising me the way you did, with morals, principles, self-respect, dignity and knowing right from wrong.” – Kathryn Potter.

2. You were brilliant

“My mother, all 5’2” of her, was a giant among women. She raised 4 children to be good citizens and make their own little differences in the world. To her I’d say, ‘they don’t come any better. You did it under extremely difficult circumstances and you were brilliant.’” – Judy Green.

3. I’m sorry

“I am so sorry for the heartbreak and stress I must have caused you both in my younger years, but I know I was there for you in the later years. I miss and love you both so very much.” – Yvonne Sterling.

4. Happy to help

“You are not a burden to me. It’s an honour to be able to pay back the care that you showed me as a child... the boot’s on the other foot now!” – Louise Wilson.

5. Made it through

“I made it after all and I am happy. My kids are happy and my grandkids are happy. After all the sadness, anger, and neglect from you, I made it through after all.” – Anita Kindrick Bobo.

6. An important lesson

“While we certainly weren't well off, my parents gave my brother and I such a happy childhood full of love and laughter, and time... which is the most important ingredient of all! Physical things weren’t wanted, we had love and happiness. And we made do with our imagination and fun. I thank you each day for this lesson.” – Sue Sparkes.

7. A word of advice

“To my dad, it would be, ‘don’t drink and drive’. I was nine when he died. To my mum, it would be, ‘don’t take your anger and resentment out on your children. My childhood was horrific.’” – Del Allwood-Soden.

8. I miss you

“I miss you Mum and Dad and treasure the memories of times spent together. I'm so glad we had the last ten years together. I will never forget both being able to see the whales up-close two days before Father’s Day. Mum, every time I see a rainbow I think of you. Love you and miss you.” – Helen Eldridge.

If you could tell your parents one thing, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.