Underwater lounge hero (2)

The world’s first underwater lounge will be offered on a Ponant cruise ship.

The lounge will include vibrating sofas and a sound system that captures the acoustics of the sea that will allow passengers to have an “immersive sensory experience of the subaquatic world”.

The Blue Eye lounge will sit two-to-three meters below water level within the ship’s hull and slightly resembles a villain’s lair.

Passengers will able to observe their underwater surroundings through two giant curved portholes (1.6m x 3.4m) while live footage of marine life in the ship’s vicinity will be projected onto digital screens that will “wallpaper” the room.

The innovative sound system incorporates hydrophones that will capture noise across a 5km radius of the ship. The “body listening sofas” will vibrate discreetly so passengers can experience the rhythms of the ocean.

Guests will be able to observe subaquatic life from decks and balconies of the ships through underwater projectors that have been said to be non-intrusive to the marine biosphere.

The new Blue Eye lounge will feature on Ponant’s fleet of four new luxury yachts, the first of which will be launched in 2018. The other two will be launched in 2019.

The luxury ships will also include a resistance infinity pool, a sundeck and a three-position marina platform.