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If you embrace new cultural experiences and thrive off a sense of adventure then these shore excursions are for you. Not only can experiences that force you out of your comfort zone make you experience a new way of life, but they also make for great stories when you come back home. Here are six quirky shore excursions that cruise lines offer to their passengers.

1. Fiji Natural Thermal Mud Pool

Who offers it: Royal Caribbean

Fijians have used thermal mud pools for countless generations as way to rejuvenate their skin. You can experience the therapeutic experience for yourself with this shore excursion. First you rub the mud on your skin and then you enter the hot thermal pool to wash it away. The excursion also includes a traditional kava ceremony. To find out more about this experience click here.

2. Rainforest and Plantation Trail Ride

Who offers it: Princess Cruises

If you go to Vanuatu you have the option to horseback ride through a coconut plantation. A coach will take you to plantation which has over 500 acres of rainforest, hills and beaches. You will be assessed on your riding skills and then be given a horse that is appropriate for your ability. This trail ride also includes a visit to a lagoon.

3. Lord of the Rings and Weta Workshop Tour

Who offers it: Celebrity Cruises

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan than this excursion is perfect for you. The excursion starts at the summit of Mount Victoria and you will then take a walk through ‘Outer Shire’. You will also be taken to Weta Workshop which is a museum containing original movie props.

4. Atherton Platypus Experience

Who offers it: Carnival Cruise Line

If you want a true blue Australian experience then you should consider this excursion with Carnival Cruise Line. You will get the opportunity to travel into the mountains for the Curtain Fig Tree which is home to the endangered tree kangaroo. You will also get to see platypus at Tarzali Lakes and be taken on an educational walk.

5. Turtle Bay and Brush Island Boating Adventure

Who offers it: Celebrity Cruises

This excursion in New Caledonia will allow you to experience the incredible marine life in the Isle of Pines. You will be taken on a boat ride to view the marine life and you might even get the opportunity to swim with some sea turtles.

6. Slumber Safari Overnight at the Zoo

Who offers it: P&O Cruises

With P&O cruises there is an excursion that allows you to spend a night camping in a luxurious tent that overlooks the savannah at Weribee Open Range Zoo. Of course, the experience also includes the opportunity for up-close animal encounters and an evening by the campfire.

What is the most memorable shore excursion you have been on? Let us know in the comments below.