A video has emerged of Melania Trump’s priceless reaction after shaking Vladimir Putin's hand during her husband Donald Trump’s summit with the Russian president.

Putin smiles and nods in the clip as he is introduced to Melania by US President Trump in Helsinki, Finland on Monday.

Melania also smiles during the handshake, but as soon as she steps back into position she pulls a bizarre face that many have labelled as shock or horror.

Melania Trump and Vladimir Putin

Melania Trump, Donald Trump (left) and Vladimir Putin

The video has now gone viral, prompting many readings of Melania’s facial expression.

“She looks like she just stared into the eyes of evil,” one user said of the video.

“The only one in the room who understands how dangerous this man actually is,” said Aaron McCord.

“I think she looked scared to death,” another said.

Others have jumped to Melania’s defence pointing out her countenance looks neutral.

What do you think? Judge for yourself below.

And if you can't quite catch it, here's another video: