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Julie G Aka Barbara Bindland (2)Barbara Binland is the pen name of a senior, Julie Grenness, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a poet, writer, and part-time English and maths tutor, with over 40 years of experience. Her many books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Are you alone? Have you no husband or wife, or significant other? Have you no children or grandchildren? Maybe you have little or no contact with your family. Are you dwelling in no man’s land, or unwomanned? Many seniors are in this situation, for whatever reason, or the past. Being widowed or divorced, never had children or grown children have ceased contact. Sound familiar? If so, these seniors can wake up positively single.

You can enjoy only pleasing yourself, not being a doormat, not being emotionally blackmailed. You can plan your own “me” time. You can enjoy your own television viewing, or attend movies by yourself, with a nice meal of favourite foods, and your own box of chocolates.

Enjoy your own simple pleasures. We are really too old for pubs and nightclubs, but there are online dating websites for over-60s. Some people feel the need to be completed by a relationship. However, beware the online predators or gold diggers, of either gender. Some online strangers are not genuine. Be very cautious with personal information and contact details, and never provide your banking details. If anyone asks you for money or your bank details, cease contact, and notify the online dating website. These are some hazards encountered, but good friendships can be created. You may indeed meet “the one”.

On the other hand, being alone is not Armageddon! You can be positively single. Here is a little verse, a true story.

Being hit on

This is a weird tale to tell,

I went online dating for a spell,

I am old, grey, fat and sixty-three,

A certain man did hit on me,

He asked me to sit on his face, prithee,

I could only giggle hilariously,

Too much cellulite for he,

Snuffed by Miss Muffet, laugh,

P.O. Hairy legs, don’t even ask!

Talk about male fantasia,

Is that a norm, here in Australia?

It all depends what you are seeking in online dating for the over-sixties. Relax, but take care out there.

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