queen style tips

She’s one of the most recognisable and powerful women in the world, but the Queen’s influence reaches far beyond public engagements, charity work and national affairs. She’s proven herself to be a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and even great-grandmother, and Her Majesty has asserted herself as something of a fashion icon, too.

Today, as we celebrate her 91st birthday, we take a look at some of her best style secrets, and how you can add a hint of royalty to your own look, without the accompanying price tag.

1. Be bold

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There seems to be a misconception that older women avoid wearing bright colours, but the Queen is proof that there’s no better age to take fashion risks and go bold. Her energetic, vibrant colour choices always make her stand out in a crowd and she always makes sure to show off her personality through her outfits.

2. Don’t be afraid to be too “matchy”

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Throw the rulebook out the window! Clashing prints may be in and matching your shoes to your bag might no longer be a necessity, but that doesn’t mean a classic two- or even three-piece outfit (or even one item with a matching accessory) can’t look fantastic. Her Majesty never shies away from a nice coordinated outfit, and always pulls it off with style.

3. Add some bling

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There’s no easier way to jazz up a casual outfit than to add a bit of glitz. The Queen is particularly partial to gem-encrusted brooches, but you can achieve the same beautifully-adorned look with blingy jewellery or a sparkly hair clip. Best of all? These days, costume jewellery and brooches look almost as good as the real thing.

4. Dress suitably

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Her Majesty always looks dressier than most, but she knows when to tone it down. No matter if she’s attending a formal dinner or going for a horse ride, the Queen always dresses perfectly for the occasion and isn’t afraid to don some wellies if need be!

5. Embrace hats

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There’s many people out there who adamantly deny they can pull of a hat, but the secret is finding the right style. Her Majesty is a huge fan of dramatic, whimsical hats, but also has smaller, more casual hats for less formal occasions.