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An expert has analysed Melania and Ivanka Trump’s body language, and what it says about the relationship between the two will surprise you.

Before he became President, body language expert Judi James pointed out that Donald Trump had a habit of positioning his wife and daughter on either side of him, almost like “bookends”, where they posed as “beauty pageant queens”.

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However, in the months following his inauguration, this has changed. “Now their roles have taken a different and more serious tone with Melania as FLOTUS, following in the footsteps of one of the most charismatic First Ladies ever – Michelle Obama – while Ivanka plays the role of King’s Hand, chief support, adviser and even stand-in at world leadership occasions,” James explained to The Express.

And it appears the two ladies aren’t exactly on fantastic terms, with Melania adopting a stern expression when she’s around her step-daughter, while Ivanka appears to do the opposite.

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“Ivanka, on the other hand, often seems to adopt a more active role in terms of presenting the pair as close friends and allies but Melania’s responses don’t often create a complimentary ‘fit’, making her sometimes appear rather frosty in response to Ivanka’s friendlier-looking facial expressions.”

As for Melania’s body language around her husband? Well, another expert says it’s even worse. In June, expert Susan Constantine told AOL her stiffness around Donald is a clear indicator of how she feels about him.

“I think she’s a very unhappy person and I think their marriage is in deep, deep trouble,” Constantine said. “You can see that this is all show, there’s no connection.”

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