Songs inspired by classic TV shows hero

Songwriters use many events and emotions as inspiration for their songs. Other times, they use other forms of media as well. Here are five songs that were inspired by classic TV shows.

1. “I’m a Rocker” – Bruce Springsteen

The artist references a few of his favourite shows in this song including I Spy, the Batmobile, Secret Agent, Columbo and Kojak.

2. “Slip Away” – David Bowie

In his 2002 song, Bowie focuses on “Uncle” Floyd Vivino, host of the 1974-98 The Uncle Floyd Show. The puppets on the show, Oogie and Bones Boy, also are referenced in the lyrics.

3. “Floyd the Barber” – Nirvana

In this 1989 song on Nirvana’s debut album Bleach, the lyrics reference The Andy Griffith Show.

4. “Perry Mason” – Ozzy Osbourne

Osbourne paid tribute to one of his favourite shows in this 1995 song in the opening of the song. A synthesizer plays a homage to theme song of Perry Mason.

5. “Suicide” – Thin Lizzy

TV series Perry Mason was also referenced in Thin Lizzy’s song “Suicide”, but the song was inspired by an episode in the series where businessman Roy Comstock fakes his suicide.