Travel Trouble

Wed, 26 Sep, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Woman's surprising discovery on plane ticket

Woman's surprising discovery on plane ticket

A woman has taken to social media to complain about a budget airline after they booked her into a seat that didn’t exist.

The passenger, who is called Satwika Ika on Facebook, said the blunder occurred on Indonesian airline Lion Air.

She was supposed to fly from Palembang, a city in Indonesia, to the capital city of Jakarta.

But according to The Sun, when Satwika hopped on the plane she was unable to find her seat number 35F – and quickly discovered that seats only went up to row 34.

Satwika said the flight attendants were rude and unhelpful and asked her to sit in one of the seats in row number 34.

She was then moved to yet another seat when another passenger claimed the seat she was sitting in.

Recounting the incident, she said a huge argument then started with the crew members.

She said she was not the only one that had been assigned an imaginary seat, as a family along with a child were also searching for seats in row 35.

Satwika said she is yet to receive an apology from airline employees.

After the post started gaining traction, only then did the airline respond and said they needed to change the flight to a smaller aircraft than the first one, because of scheduling issues that had caused delays.

It’s unclear whether Satwika made it to her destination or not.

The airline’s Corporate Communications officer, Danang Mandala Prihantoro explained that the flight was initially meant to involve an aircraft with a capacity of 39 seat rows.