Travel Trouble

Courtney Allan

Top 5: The most ridiculous travel accessories you’ve ever seen

Travelling to another destination can be exciting, but it’s only exciting once you get there. The actual ‘travelling’ part can be a part of the journey. But with many companies are aware that travelling is frustrating, they’ve come up with a few ideas to help.

However, there are some items are definitely more of a hindrance than a help.

1. Humidiflyer

This mask aims to ease the feeling of jetlag by offering filtered air through a mask. The website claims that jetlag is caused by breathing dry air over and over again until you’re sick. The Humidiflyer traps the moisture from your breath and is used again to put moisture into the dry air within the plane. Only issue is they look like this.

2. B-Tourist strip

This elastic strip of fabric is able to stretch between two plane seat headrests and allows the user not to be disturbed. The strip is designed to “offer one their own private space to quietly eat, read a book, watch a movie and to sleep without being disturbed”. Doesn’t look too good though, does it?

3. The Ostrich Pillow

This pillow aims to allow the user to sleep anytime, anywhere. You’re able to use it when you want to sleep at your desk or whilst you’re travelling. It doesn’t look the most comfortable, though that doesn’t seem to stop users from buying it.

4. Jaktogo Wearable Luggage

People who are sick and tired of carrying luggage around can now wear it, thanks to Jaktogo wearable luggage. Despite the claims that the ponchos and other accessories are fashionable, there are no reviews to back this up.

5. ModoBag

Touting itself as the world’s first rideable luggage, this is definitely a travel accessory you don’t need. Thank goodness it comes with brakes, custom wheels and an easy setup to ensure no one gets run over. There are also foot pedals and a cushioned seat so that you’re comfortable whilst riding around the airport on your luggage.

Scroll through the gallery above to see these ridiculous travel solutions.

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