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Tue, 16 Oct, 2018Over60

Passenger's “disgusting” pedicure on flight caught on camera

Passenger's “disgusting” pedicure on flight caught on camera

If you think you’ve dealt with awful plane passengers then think again, because it can’t get any worse than this. A passenger has become a viral sensation on social media after footage of her cutting her toenails was released.

The woman was caught giving herself a mid-air pedicure and is now being shamed for it through an Instagram account called Passenger Shaming.

The account, which is dedicated to exposing terrible passengers, shared the video of the lady buffing her soles with a foot file and trimming her toenails.

She also has zero remorse, as she makes no attempt to hide her stomach-churning behaviour.

Having now been viewed close to 150,000 times, users from all over the world have left their opinions in the comments, and none of them sympathise with the woman in the video.

“How [are you] even allowed to do that! Disgusting and I would have raised hell if I were sitting next to her. YUCK!!,” one user wrote.

“Are you ****ing kidding me???? I am seriously losing all hope in humanity,” said another.

Many wanted to see the woman banned off future flights or be forced to sit with the cargo next time.

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