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Orlando Bloom has close encounter with Great White Shark

Orlando Bloom has close encounter with Great White Shark

Image: Instagram

Orlando Bloom just went paddle boarding with a Great White Shark.

The 44-year-old actor shared a video of his encounter with the world’s largest known predatory fish, in which he was seen paddling through the water in Malibu while a shadowy outline lurked below.

“Paddle boarding with great whites" the Hollywood star captioned the video on Instagram. “When fear becomes your friend and @malibuartist captures the moment."

Accompanying Bloom is photographer Carlos Gauna, aka The Malibu Artist, who seemingly captured the footage via a drone hovering above them in the ocean.

“In this clip, I filmed @orlandobrown next to a nicely sized juvenile white shark” Gauna wrote he posted the same video to his Instagram account.

“The opportunity to share some of my knowledge with Orlando, knowledge I’ve gained from the many scientists I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to and work with, was a highlight of my day. In the end, the real stars of the sea are the sharks. But having Legolas himself nearby. That’s pretty cool!."

While Bloom got praise and love from both fans and famous faces such as 2chainz, his fiancée Karty Perry couldn’t help but troll him on Instagram.

“Next time go out and put some peanut butter on babe," Katy commented while referencing the myth about sharks liking peanut butter.

He may not be an expert in sharks like his photographer friend, but Bloom is somewhat a paddle-boarding pro. Back in 2016, the actor made headlines when he was photographed paddle boarding nude while holidaying in Italy.

He later told Howard Stern that he’s “not that big” and because ‘”things are expanded on cameras with a big optical lens. It is an optical illusion."