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Shannen Findlay

"No excuse": Passenger shocked by $9 sandwich on Jetstar flight

"No excuse": Passenger shocked by $9 sandwich on Jetstar flight

A man has been left disappointed and unimpressed by his $9 “soggy” sandwich after a flight with Jetstar.  

A good sandwich shouldn’t be too hard to come by, at least that’s what Nick Mosley thought when he hungrily tucked into what was supposed to be a deli sandwich trio on his flight from Bali, Indonesia to Perth, Australia.

What was meant to be a treat after a long holiday quickly became a frustrating expense.

Unfortunately for him, what he bit into was less than appetising – a bare lettuce leaf with an egg and mayo mix spread on to the bread with smeared margarine.

Taking to Twitter to share his disappointment, he posted a few pictures of the sad-looking sandwich and wrote: “I must say @JetstarAirways have a cheek charging AUS$9 for sandwiches… without any fillings…. Great for their bottom line but not so good for filling the tums of customers.”

 “I had a bit of a craving for a sandwich. Having eaten many sandwiches in my life, it wouldn’t have cross my mine to peel back the bread to check the filling,” Nick told the Daily Mail.

"However, after the first mouthful of somewhat soggy bread and margarine, peel back I did.

“I paid for it so there is really no excuse for serving inadequate products. It was a shocker – it made a petrol station sandwich look like a gastronomic feast,” he said.

The airline reached out to the unsatisfied customer offering a refund and an apology.

Have you ever paid for an expensive meal only to be left unsatisfied? Let us know in the comments below.