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Family devastated by death of "vanlife" travel star

Family devastated by death of "vanlife" travel star

Young woman Lee Macmillan, who was known for her road trips alongside Aussie ex-partner Max Bidstrup, took her own life last week.

Her devastated loved ones have launched hashtag #speakupforlee to raise awareness about depression and mental illness in her honour.

The news was announced by their popular Instagram page @maxandlee_, who had more than 74,000 followers watching their "vanlife" trips.

Announcing on Instagram they were going “their separate ways”, the pair admitted it was “incredibly difficult for us to talk about on here”.

The post on Wednesday revealed Lee had suffered from depression for a long time.

“After living an extraordinary life, and fighting a brave battle with depression, our hearts are shattered to share that Lee took her life on Friday,” the post reads.

“She was the brightest light, a magnetic force of nature and was loved by so so many.

“If we can do one thing for Lee now, in the midst of this soul-crushing loss, it’s to spread the message that mental health is just as real as physical health.

“And that illness can strike anyone, no matter how unlikely they may seem.”