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Cruise passengers watch dramatic rescue after plane crashes in sea

Cruise passengers watch dramatic rescue after plane crashes in sea

A Princess Cruises’ ship, Regal Princess, has been commended for their heroic efforts after rescuing a pilot and a passenger from the Caribbean Sea.

According to the Miami New Times and The Sun, the two landed in the water after their plane crashed, prompting the US Coast Guard in Miami to send an aircraft to the site and get in touch with the ship’s captain for help.

Source: Twitter @TEEnsign

Fortunately, the Regal Princess was voyaging through the area at the time as it was making its way to St Thomas, one of the US Virgin Islands.

In a video posted to Twitter, passengers can be seen watching on as a rescue operation was underway.

Many cheered and burst into a round of applause once they successfully picked up the two people struggling in the water with the help of a smaller boat.

Once the boat reached the ship, the person behind the camera asked, “Did they get them?” before an eruption of cheers.

“That’s amazing,” he said, as he watched the rescue take place.

Passenger Taylor Ensign, who also filmed the incident, tweeted: “Just heard the captain say both people are doing well. We are back on our original course.”

Princess Cruises issued a statement via their Twitter account.

“A small plane crashed in the Caribbean Sea, and the @USCG called on our Regal Princess crew to assist with the rescue,” said the company.

“We’re happy to report both people are now safely on-board as the ship continues to St Thomas!”

“From the moment Captain Stringer made the ‘Man Overboard’ announcement to the time the 2 individuals were brought to medical on our ship, the Regal crew and staff were amazing,” said Mr Ensign.

“The bridge was very communicative about what was happening the entire time. Unbelievable all around.”

Another person tweeted saying: “Well done to Captain Stringer & his team on-board Regal @PrincessCruises for going to the rescue of two passengers of a small aircraft that ditched in the sea. Amazing work.”

The cruise has now recommenced its original journey and is due to return to Port Everglades on March 10.