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What not to ask hotel staff when checking in

What not to ask hotel staff when checking in

A former hotel receptionist has shared the annoying question she would constantly get asked by demanding guests. 

Janessa Richard acted out the scenario to her TikTok followers, showing how unreasonable some customers can be, and why hotel staff get so fed up. 

Janessa plays both the role of the receptionist and the rude customer in the reenactment, as she begins to demand a price reduction. 

"I was actually just online, and I saw a rate for $89 and I'm pretty sure we are paying $129, so you're gonna need to match that price if you want to keep us as your guests," Janessa, as the customer, begins.

Obliging with the customer’s request, she asks the next logical, and very reasonable, request: if she can see the competing price on the customer’s phone.

However, the simple question causes the customer to snap back.

"Well, that's not gonna work because I don't have it on my phone anymore. That was like an hour ago," she says.

The receptionist tries to offer a number of different solutions, but the entitled guest refuses to cooperate.

"Oh my gosh. Why do you have to make this so complicated? I don't remember what the website was. I just need you to match that rate, or else we're gonna go elsewhere".

The video concludes with Janessa explaining that they require proof of the cheaper pricing, as she continues to stay calm in conversation. 

She captioned the video, "When people don't understand how price matching works".

The video has racked up over 200,000 views, with many people in the comments empathising with her tolerance of the service industry. 

Others who also work in the hotel industry commented their own experiences of dealing with difficult customers with price matching debacles. 

While many hotels do offer price matching discounts, as shown by Janessa’s clip, the guest has to show proof of the cheaper rate on a competing website. 

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