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The secret hack on your car's dashboard you didn't know about

The secret hack on your car's dashboard you didn't know about

Most drivers have faced the frustrating situation at least once when they are at the petrol station and have no idea which side the fuel tank is on their car.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick that can help you avoid this problem – and it’s hiding in plain sight right in front of you on your car's dashboard.

Located near the fuel gauge is usually an icon of a petrol pump. Next to this icon, there will be a bold arrow which indicates the side of the car the fuel tank is on.

Most modern cars will have this arrow indicator, which comes in handy for driving new or rental vehicles.

Many drivers were surprised at this late discovery. 

“I’m slack-jawed I’ve overlooked something so simple,” a Twitter user commented.

If the fuel cap is loose, cracked or lost, the fuel vapours may spill out and throw the fuel system pressure off. The check engine light will turn on when this occurs. You can address this by retightening or replacing the cap, which can be purchased at auto parts shops.

Have you ever noticed this fuel tank arrow indicator on your car's dashboard? Let us know in the comments.