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Foolproof tips for first-time campers

Foolproof tips for first-time campers

When planning a trip, many people prefer to tone it down with a camping holiday in the bush, rather than embark on a city escape. 

For first-timers, there’s a lot of things that can either make or break your next camping trip, and it’s always good to be prepared for any situation. 

Speaking on Today Extra, expert organiser Anita Birges has shared her top tips to make your next camping trip a success. 

The tent is everything

Anita recommends picking a tent with “plenty of room”, which can make or break a trip when travelling with large groups or with kids. 

In terms of pitching your tent when you reach your destination, Antia advises to pick a shady spot that is clear of hanging branches, and to practice pitching your tent in the 

backyard before you embark. 

Anita also recommends staying at a powered campsite that has access to amenities such as toilets and barbecues, especially for first time campers. 

Invest in your mattress

Camping is no fun if you’re too tired to enjoy it, so invest in some good quality air mattresses that are easy to blow up. 

Alternatively, double sleeping bags are a good idea, giving you the chance to snuggle up with your partner on colder nights to keep warm. 

Go all out with extras

Anita recommends going all out with the extras to make sure your camping trip is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Extra items such as a gazebo, folding chairs and compact table are sure to make any trip easier. 

As well as these extra luxuries, essentials such as a good-sized esky, first aid kit, cleaning items and an abundance of toilet paper are a must. 

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