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Couple on “world’s longest honeymoon” share their story

Couple on “world’s longest honeymoon” share their story

After their dream wedding in 2011, Mike and Anne Howard made the radical decision to quit their jobs and leave their life in New York behind for the ultimate honeymoon.

Their plan was to see the world and now, over a decade on, the couple are still on the road visiting every corner of the globe.

Documenting their travels on their blog has become a way of life, as they use it to keep their family and friends updated while on the world’s longest honeymoon.

As their HoneyTrek brand began as a way to stay connected to loved ones back home, they have turned it into a career as travel bloggers, book authors and travel photographers.

However, despite sharing their idyllic life with their online following, Mike and Anne have assured 7Lifestyle that their journey is not always sunshine and roses.

They were hit hard with the realities of travelling with Covid, as the pandemic worked its way into every corner of the world.

As the pandemic was in the early stages, the couple were heading to Italy, right as the country declared a Covid emergency in March 2020.

“It hadn’t really sunk in what was going on,” Mike said.

The couple decided to travel to Poland, thinking coronavirus was just “an Italy thing”, but were met with the hard reality of global travel restrictions once they arrived.

After three months of being stuck in Poland, they were finally able to return to the United States.

As well as dealing with the struggles of Covid, the couple have come up with their own way to not be constantly living in each other's pockets.

“It’s good to have a few things that are your own, you know I like to take more walks than he does and he likes to have more podcasts than I do,” Anne explains.

“We have a few things which are ‘your thing’, and we prioritise maintaining friendships outside the relationship.”

“We also love to meet new people and so we have a pretty global friend circle at this point, so it’s not as isolating as you may think,” she says.

Image credits: Instagram @honeytrek