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6 things to avoid doing at the airport

6 things to avoid doing at the airport

As travel finally starts to resume after Covid restrictions ease, many people will be flocking to their closest airport for a long overdue getaway.

But as global travel resets, let’s not go back to bad airport behaviours from a pre-Covid time.

With travel already being a stressful task for many, these unspoken etiquette rules can make life a little easier.

Don’t misread the dress code

It’s an airport, not the red carpet.

Regardless of being more comfortable in more laid back attire, dressing down will also help your fellow travellers.

The more layers of clothes, jewellery and accessories you decide to wear will only slow you down at security screening points, along with everyone waiting behind you.

Stick with comfort over fashion to make everything easier.

Don’t think you can cheat the X-ray machine

Everyone knows the limits to what you can pack in hand luggage before you arrive at the airport.

“Accidentally” leaving a prohibited item in your carry-on won’t fly with security, no matter how much you want to keep your full sized items.

These items are bound to be confiscated and disposed of, so look up what you can and can’t take when you book your trip.

And there’s no point arguing with security staff over these measures, no matter how ridiculous you find them because even if you have a point, they’re not letting you take 5 litres of sunscreen to Bali in your hand luggage.

Don’t judge parents travelling with noisy kids

Even though a screaming child at the airport can massively dampen your excited holiday mood, be patient with your fellow travellers.

Judgemental looks or comments are completely unwarranted, when parents know the effect their child’s tantrum is having on you.

You were once the screaming kid kicking your plane seat, so have some compassion for those who are doing their best.

Don’t try to charm your way into an upgrade

As charming as you think you might be, the days of random upgrades to first class or access to exclusive business lounges are long gone.

If someone in front of you does seem to bag an upgrade, it’s likely they have a billion frequent flyer points or some kind of platinum membership.

You’re either entitled to these discounts and upgrades or you’re not, so don’t hold your breath for a fancier seat.

Despite these upgrades rarely being given, staff can also get in serious trouble for giving out unwarranted discounts, so accept the economy ticket you paid for.

Don’t jump up the second the plane lands

Despite being anxious to start your holiday or make your connecting flight, standing up the second the plane pulls in won’t actually get you on it any sooner.

There are a lot of elements that have to come before passengers can start boarding, with staff in constant communication to make the process as streamlined as possible.

So sit down, take a breath and wait for your boarding announcement to be called.

Don’t crowd the baggage carousel

Crowding the baggage carousel is the number one cardinal sin of airport etiquette, as the domino effect affects every single traveller.

Crowding around means the person behind you can’t see, causing them to step forward and block the view of the person behind them, and so on until everyone is standing on top of each other waiting for their luggage.

Being patient is key in these situations, and realising the carousel moves slowly for a reason will show that there is a very slim chance you’ll miss the opportunity to grab your suitcase.

You can actually retrieve your luggage, even if your legs aren't physically touching the carousel at all times, which makes it easier for everyone.

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