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4 things they don’t tell you before becoming a flight attendant

4 things they don’t tell you before becoming a flight attendant

While being a flight attendant seems like a dream job for many, the perks can sometimes be outweighed by the parts of the job no one talks about.

While air cabin staff enjoy benefits like free travel, airport perks, lounge access and chic uniforms, there are also a lot of aspects of being a flight attendant that aren’t quite so desirable.

From in-flight incidents and complaints, to screaming kids and anti-social hours, some cabin staff are feeling the toll of their chosen profession.

Melbourne flight attendant Michelle spoke with 9Honey to chat about the parts of being an air steward that fly well under the radar.

1. You’ll be exhausted

Members of the cabin crew are often on their feet for hours at a time, which can take both a physical and mental toll.

"It is exhausting, you will feel tired and fatigued like you have never felt before," Michelle tells 9Honey.

Along with this exhaustion, Michelle says that your shifts as a flight attendant don’t really ‘end’, as airline staff often spend nights away from home and are constantly lugging suitcases through airport terminals to start work at ungodly hours.

2. You’ll miss major life events

According to Michelle, missing big moments in life is such a given that airlines will actually warn you about this when you apply for the job.

"You miss out on a lot, a lot of events," Michelle says.

"Until you're in it, you don't realise just how much you'll be missing. Weddings, funerals, birthdays and even births."

3. Friends and family won’t always understand why you’re always away

Once becoming a flight attendant, you become known as “that person” who is always jet-setting and is impossible to pin down.

Michelle explains that the exhausting nature of the job can have a habit of pulling you away from events you would usually love to go to.

"A lot of people don't understand the job you do. So many people don't get that you can't just go to an event for a couple of hours when you have a 3am wake-up the next day, or go to an event when your day started at 3am that day. It can be super hard," she says.

4. Your work colleagues will be constantly changing

While many people think you work with the same group of attendants, Michelle says this is actually a myth.

Due to the fast-paced role and the busy world of overseas travel, the staff are on a high rotation.

Michelle says, "You rarely work with the same person twice, which really sucks, especially if you love the people you worked with on a shift."

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