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Wed, 10 Jan, 2018Danielle McCarthy

4 signs you should look for another hotel

4 signs you should look for another hotel

If you spot any of these signs you might want to reconsider spending the night.

1. You feel unsafe

First and foremost, you should feel confident that you are safe in your hotel. Ultimately, this comes in above other considerations like cleanliness or value for money so keep it at the top of your mind. If you feel uncomfortable in the neighbourhood, if there’s no security, if your room doesn’t lock properly or you notice a lot of people who aren’t guests just hanging around, then find somewhere else to stay.

2. It’s not what was advertised

Real estate agents and hoteliers alike have been using trick photography since the dawn of time. You’re expecting a spacious room and huge swimming pool, but in reality you’re sleeping in a broom cupboard and swimming in a pond. When you arrive at a property, it should be of the same level you were expecting. If not, you will probably want to look elsewhere – who knows what else they are hiding…

3. Everything is dirty

The average hotel bed has been slept in by thousands of different people, so you want to make sure that the cleaners are doing a good job. If the property feels grimy, dusty or downright unsanitary, rethink taking that room key. Keep a special eye out for things like black mould or damp. These aren’t just unsightly, they can play havoc with allergies or respiratory issues. If you have checked in to your room and find it’s not up to scratch, don’t be afraid to call reception and ask for housekeeping to do another round.

4. You feel you’re being ripped off

If you have paid for a certain category of room, never accept a downgrade without some serious compensation. If a hotel has overbooked, they should upgrade you rather than the other way around. Same goes for any extras (like breakfast or a spa treatment) that are part of your package. Get a guarantee that these will be honoured before you unpack. Some unscrupulous hotels will try to cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. Don’t have it.

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