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Fri, 17 Nov, 2017Ben Squires

Haunting last words of pilots on doomed flights

Haunting last words of pilots on doomed flights

Chilling recordings of the final seconds before some of the world’s major plane crashes have revealed the haunting last words of pilots on doomed flights.

With every word captured on the in-flight recorder, the tapes providing a sombre look at what it means to be in the cockpit moments before disaster.

1. “Goodnight, goodbye, we perish!”

When an engine shaft exploded on a Polish Airlines flight to New York in 1987, pilots quickly realised they had lost control and said the famous words of the crash.

2. “Don’t do that!”

The 2016 FlyDubai flight that crashed just short of the runway in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don provides a chilling inside into the mindset of the pilot moments before disaster.

3. “F**k, we’re dead!”

Sometimes there’s nothing else you can say. This are the words the pilot of the doomed Air France flight in 2009 said before the plane plunged into the Atlantic.

4. “That’s all guys! F***!”

Vladivostok Air flight 352 lost control on its approach to Russia in 2001, and according to the recording recovered from the flight, those were the pilot’s last words.

5. “Actually, these conditions don’t look very good at all, do they?”

These are the famous last words of a pilot on a 1979 Air New Zealand flight en route for a sightseeing trip of Antarctica, that failed due to a technical error.

6. “Ah, here we go”

After struggling with a jammed stabiliser, an Alaska Airlines flight nosedived into the Pacific Ocean, with the pilot issuing those famous last words above.

7. “Ma, I love ya”

Just before Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 182 collided with a private light aircraft in 1978, the caption said, “brace yourself” while another crew member said the above.

8. “Goodbye everybody”

These are allegedly the last words spoken by Captain Karl Berlinger on Swissair flight SR 330 from Zurich to Tel Aviv in 1970 that crashed in Zurich airport.