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Tue, 14 Nov, 2017Danielle McCarthy

Don’t forget to do this before checking your luggage

Don’t forget to do this before checking your luggage

Arriving at your destination after a long-haul, multi-leg flight, only to find out that your luggage hasn’t survived the trip, is a bad feeling. What makes this situation even worse is being in an airport where there’s a language barrier.

So, what’s a traveller to do?

Well, a little bit of preparation before your check your bag in at your port of departure, can go a long way and save you some serious headaches down the road.

Time travel experts Brad Tuttle and Erik Torkells recommend taking a digital photo of your bag before handing it over to the staff at check-in, and backing this image up.

“If you absolutely have to check a bag, take a digital photo of it (which will help you describe the bag if it gets lost) and a close-up of the airline's baggage tag (so you have a record of the airline's routing info),” Tuttle and Torkells explain.

“If nothing else, snapping the photo will remind you to verify that your bag is labelled with the correct destination airport code.”

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