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5 tips for dealing with flight delays

5 tips for dealing with flight delays

Of all the annoying things in the world air delays are certainly right up there. The good news is that there are things you can do. We’ve put together a guide showing you how to cope with air delays.

1. Watch the weather

Make sure you keep your eye on the weather so you know at least a couple of days ahead of time if there’s a chance that your flight could be threatened. Keep on the lookout because it’s easier to change a flight a few days out rather than on the actual day.

2. Consider making a reservation at a nearby hotel

If it looks like there’s a chance your flight won’t lift off, a sneaky thing you can do is book a room at a nearby hotel and cancel last minute. Look for off-airport hotels that offer shuttle service.

3. Have important numbers ready to go with your phone

Save some important numbers before you head off, like the contact number for your airline, reservation sites, car rental companies and even your travel agent if you happened to use one.

4. Know your options

Make sure you’re aware of alternate options at hand, like the sort of flights available from other airlines. Sometimes you can get transfers to different locals that can be a real time saver.

5. Call ahead to the airline

The most extreme cases (and sometimes not even then), the airlines won't tell you that your plane is delayed even when the entire airport is about to shut down. This is because the airlines fare better if you show up and sleep on the floor than they do if they let you stay in your hotel room an extra day.

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