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Wed, 11 Apr, 2018Danielle McCarthy

You can now book a “flight” that goes nowhere

You can now book a “flight” that goes nowhere

Would you pay for a flight that never leaves the ground?

That's what Japan's First Airlines is offering passengers who want the flying experience without the hassle of a "real trip", Reuters reported.

The airline, based in Tokyo, features first-class virtual reality "flights" to destinations such as Paris, Rome, Hawaii and New York.

The two-hour trips start at just ¥6600 ($85), with fliers getting the full in-flight experience from their A380 or A340 aircraft seats.

Flight That Goes Nowehere

Image credit: First Airlines / Instagram

Safety instructions? Check. Meals? You bet. Simulated take-off and landing? Of course.

There's even a 360-degree virtual city tour once you reach your destination.

First Airlines manager Hiroaki Abe said the flights were popular with elderly passengers who struggled with overseas travel due to physical limitations and people who simply didn't have the time or money for a trip. 

The company was also planning to add domestic "flights" around Japan that would highlight regional cuisine.

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