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Wed, 7 Mar, 2018Danielle McCarthy

8 things you haven’t done in Hobart

Hobart is the jewel in the crown of the Apple Isle, and certainly one of those destinations where those who are willing to get off the main strip and explore, are amply rewarded. While it might pale in comparison to the size of a Sydney or Melbourne, Hobart more than makes up for it in charm, and as many Hobartians will tell you, there’s so much to see and do here that you could come back time and time again without doing the same thing twice.

If you’re planning a trip to Tassie in the near future, or simply looking for an excuse to do so, we’ve put together a list containing eight things you haven’t done in Hobart.

To see them all, scroll through the gallery above.

Have you ever been to Hobart? What’s your favourite thing to do there?