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Mon, 12 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

5 obscenely expensive holiday destinations – and why they’re worth it

5 obscenely expensive holiday destinations – and why they’re worth it

You won’t regret a visit to these budget-busting holiday hotspots.

1. Antarctica

Unfortunately, you can just jump on a Jetstar flight to the White Continent. The real cost is in getting here, usually on an expedition ship departing from Ushuaia in Argentina. An Antarctic cruise will cost you at least $10,000 per person but it will be worth it. See stunning landscapes, towering icebergs, vast flocks of penguins and killer whales breaching out of the frozen waters.

2. Iceland

Iceland has experienced a five-fold growth in tourism over the past decade and visitors now outnumber locals seven to one. They’re drawn to the breathtaking waterfalls, ancient glaciers, black sandy beaches, ice-blue lagoons and adorable puffins. All these things come with a big price tag – and it could be about to get bigger with a new tourist tax on the cards. Don’t think about the money. Iceland is like nowhere else on earth and you won't regret a cent.

3. British Virgin islands

For an ultra luxe escape in the Caribbean, you can’t go past the British Virgin Islands. Billionaire Richard Branson has his own private island resort here that will set you back a cool $42,000 a night. Even a regular resort will cost up to $1,000 a night, but you can expect powder white beaches, impossible blue oceans and an endless supply of cocktails. You’ll love it.

4. Tahiti

Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston all chose this South Pacific island nation for their honeymoons – and you know these celebs have some seriously deep pockets. There’s no such thing as a budget holiday in Tahiti and some hotels cost more than $20,000 a night. Take one look at that white sand, waving palm trees, and crystal clear water full of graceful manta rays and curious turtles, and you’ll realise why you need to pay a little more to come to this special place.

5. Norway

All of Scandinavia is renowed for being expensive, but Norway takes the cake. Tourist businesses charge up to 20% more than elsewhere in Europe and 70% more than the global average. So start saving your money now – you really don’t want to miss Norways famous fjords, scenic mountain ranges, unique Viking history and Scandi charm.

Have you been to any of these holiday destinations?