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Tue, 13 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

10 Aussie destinations you haven't visited but definitely should

10 Aussie destinations you haven't visited but definitely should

Tick some more unusual Australian destinations off your bucket list.

1. Litchfield National Park, NT

Nearby Kakadu gets all the press, but Litchfield National Park is one of the Northern Territory’s true hidden gems. Swim in hidden pools, soak under crashing waterfalls, walk through giant termite mounds, climb misty mountains and discover historic pioneer ruins.

2. Peninsula Hot Springs, VIC

Soak away your troubles in one of Australia’s best natural hot springs on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. There are more than 20 individual baths filled with the mineral rich waters, surrounded by forest or rolling fields.

3. Wallaman Falls, QLD

Australia’s highest permanent single drop waterfall is a sight to behold. Hidden away in the lush Wet Tropics of northern Queensland tumbles over a cliff and falls 268 metres

4. Murphy’s Haystacks, SA

Some people call Murphy’s Haystacks, in the remote Nullarbor region, Australia’s Stonehenge. These giant wave-like outcrops of ochre granite look like they were placed there by an ancient civilisation, but are actually formed by wind and water over millions of years.

5. Willandra Lakes, NSW

No, you haven’t arrived on Mars. The Willandra Lakes in the far west of New South Wales look uncannily like the desolate dry landscapes of the red planet. The oldest known humans on the continent, the Mungo people, were also found in this remarkable region.

6. Lake Gairdner, SA

The third largest salt lake in Australia stretches for more than 160 kilometres. You can walk out onto the hard, brilliantly white surface and see where the lake meets the horizon and bleeds into the sky.

7. Totem Pole, TAS

Every serious rock climber in the world has heard of ‘the Tote’, a gravity-defying needle-thin column of rock rising 65 metres from the Southern Ocean. If you don’t feel brave (or foolish) enough to climb it, you can take a boat to see it from the base.

9. Noosa Everglades, QLD

One of only two everglades systems on the planet (the other is in Florida), the Noosa Everglades are a system of mirror-like waterways that wind through pristine, untouched wetlands. Explore by kayak or on foot.

9. Port Gregory Pink Lake, WA

It’s hard to imagine that nature can produce such a technicolour hue, but Western Australia’s incredible pink lakes are the real deal. This lake at the mouth of the Hutt River on the Mid West Coast ranges from red to lilac to bubblegum, thanks to algae and bacteria in the water.

10. Admiral’s Arch, SA

Think of the arch as a natural peephole out to the raging Southern Ocean. Sitting on the southwest corner of Kangaroo Island, the arch is covered in stalactites and home to a colony of New Zealand fur seals, who can frequently be seen frolicking in the waves.

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