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Fri, 17 Nov, 2017Melody Teh

The big mistake you're making with your plane seat

The big mistake you're making with your plane seat

If you can never sleep while flying on a plane, this may be the reason why.

Andrew Lawrence, president of the Chiropractors Association of Australia, says the best position for snoozing in economy class is “slightly reclined with a cushion at the base of the spine to help maintain the lumbar curve and reduce pressure at the junction of lower back and pelvis’’.

“As far as the skeleton is concerned the pelvis — specifically the ischia or the hard bony things we sit on — and the area where the spine and pelvis meet are under the greatest pressure when we’re sitting upright and awake but when we sleep the neck takes the biggest pressure,’’ the Melbourne chiropractor told Escape.

“The best position for reclining is about halfway which gives assistance with holding the head in place but doesn’t put too much backward pressure on the hips.

“It’s also good to take a proper travel pillow if possible, as a plane pillow is usually not helpful, and what works best is the neck-support pillow which helps keep the head upright and not cause undue pressure on the neck’s movement joints.’’