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10 images showcase the beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness

10 images showcase the beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness

As we’ve shown you in previous articles, Tasmania is one of the most picturesque regions on earth and seriously underrated as a holiday spot for international tourists.

Scroll through the gallery above and you’re sure to agree.

Australian Geographic asked five of their best photographers to put together a series of images that showcase some of the best scenery on show in the Emerald Isle.

From dense rainforest to sprawling mountains and incredible vistas, there’s something undeniably captivating and enchanting about the view of Tasmania.

To see all the incredible pictures, scroll through the gallery above.

Have you ever been to Tasmania before, and if so, what would you recommend? Was there a highlight of the experience that stood out above the others?

Share your story in the comments.

Image credit: Instagram / australiangeographic

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