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Tourists are mistaking this for Uluru

Tourists are mistaking this for Uluru

With a similar size and shape to Australia’s most-iconic monolith, we suppose you could forgive some tourists for mistaking Mount Conner for Uluru (100km to the east).

But any Australian worth their mustard would immediately notice the difference between Uluru and this equally-as-impressive monolith.

Standing 300 metres high, Mt Conner is a flat-topped sandstone-capped mountain that provides one of the most distinctive formations in the region.

Mt Conner is located 100km east of Ayers Rock Resort and 285km from Alice Springs. You won't need a 4WD to get there as it's accessible via sealed roads, but because it's located on privately owned land there is no public access.

Mount Conner is located on the private property of Curtin Springs Station, and due to past discretions unsupervised visits are no longer allowed, but SEIT Outback Australia offer a tour that lets travellers get right up close and personal with the spectacular rock formation. And Curtin Springs Station is a tourist location in and of itself!

This vast, fully operational cattle station is constructed for watering cattle but also provides the perfect natural habitat for a range of animals that call the Red Centre home, including red kangaroos, rock wallabies and a vast array of Australian birds and reptiles.

Curtin Spring Station is also home to an ancient inland salt lake.

The SEIT Outback Australia 4WD Outback Adventure Tour is the only tour permitted on this privately owned land, but provides a fascinating introduction to life in the desert.

And because the experience is controlled, you can absorb the extraordinary environment of the Red Centre without having to contend with the crowds.

There’s nothing quite as spectacular as the colours of the sunset over Mt Conner, and after you’ve enjoyed this site with a glass of sparkling wine you’ll return to enjoy dinner provided by the station cook.

For more information on the amazing outback experiences offered by SEIT Outback Australia or to book your own spectacular tour of Mount Conner, click here.

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