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Can you spot the bizarre item on this in-flight menu?

Can you spot the bizarre item on this in-flight menu?

British Airways has shocked a passenger aboard a flight with a bizarre warning.

Michael L. Brown was perusing over the in-flight menu when he noticed an unconventional message written in fine print.

It’s common for meals to come with words of caution, whether it be allergens or raw food. But one thing that many don’t come across is a warning for bullet fragments.

The menu featured a dish called “Home Counties venison stew” and the text written below said: “Due to the nature of the product, there is a very small risk of bullet fragments that could be found in this meal.”

Photo: Twitter @DrMichaelLBrown

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Brown said, “I travelled first class from Mumbai to Heathrow, and this item definitely wasn’t on the menu.

“On my second flight from Heathrow to Chicago I noticed this item on the menu.”

When Mr Brown raised his concerns with staff members, they were surprised and amused by the warning.

“The two flight attendants I spoke with had never seen or noticed this before but got a good laugh out of it,” he said.

“One joked with me that this warning could be so all Americans on board couldn’t sue them. I told them he could well be right.”

But despite Mr Brown’s surprise, many users on Twitter claimed that the warning is fairly common.

“These warnings are there as a precaution, and are common practice,” a spokesperson for British Airways told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“We source the best British ingredients for our inflight menu and this is no exception.”