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Danielle McCarthy

How to save on domestic baggage fees

It’s a common problem that’s faced anyone booking a domestic flight. One moment you feel like you’ve scored the bargain of the century… the next, after ticking the box that says you intend to check luggage, you’re slapped with an extortionate fee.

Excess baggage fees are the bane of any holidaymaker trying to see New Zealand on the cheap, but is there any way we can get around these additional charges?

Well, the good news if you’re clever with your packing you don’t have to face these obscene charges. We’ve provided a rundown of clever tips to save on domestic baggage fees. To see them all, simply scroll through the gallery above.

What are your thoughts? Are you unimpressed by the size of baggage fees on domestic flights, or is it simply one of those unavoidable realities of booking a trip?

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