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Tue, 5 Dec, 2017Ben Squires

Can you spot the “extremely dangerous” venomous snake among the leaves?

Internet users have been left baffled after only 17 out of 19,000 people can spot the venomous snake hidden in a photo..

This picture was taken in Doreen, Victoria, and disguised in the surroundings is a venomous lowland copperhead snake.

Victorian snake catcher Mark Pelley posted two images to Facebook, asking his followers to spot two venomous snakes.

The first image was of the lowland copperhead snake, hidden on a fairly bare patch of land.

1 (32)

"If you get bitten by one it's still a life threatening emergency," Mark said.

The second image posted by Mark contained a hidden eater brown in South Morang.

2 (23)

Mark said that only one person could point out the snake correctly.

Mark doesn’t just post these photos as a fun game but tries to educate people through them.

He told 7News Online, "Snakes are about but people don't notice them.”

"If they were out to get people then there would be a lot more snake bites," he added.

Social media users highlighted just how difficult it was to spot the snakes.

One Facebook user wrote, "Ok this is really bad I can never find them!"

Another joked: "Join local snake catcher pages they said.... it'll help relieve your anxieties they said."

"Um. I can't see either and would be bitten by both!"

Can you spot the snakes?

Scroll through the gallery to see where the snakes are hidden.

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Image credit: The Snake Hunter via Facebook