Wed, 10 Jan, 2018Danielle McCarthy

What makes a great cruise experience?

What makes a great cruise experience?

Cruise experts have weighed in to discuss the key features that create a wonderful guest experience and what exactly makes passengers come back again and again.

Here are the features that you should look out for when you are booking your next cruise.

1. Technology

Princess Cruises believes that improving technology devices not only improves guest experience but also streamlines unpopular processes on a cruise. Their Ocean Medallion is a device given to passengers that assists in operations like embarkation and also provides personal recommendations and activities to do onboard and onshore to guests.

2. Personalisation

Silverseas believes that guests enjoy a cruise when the experience is personalised and so the cruise line aims to keep ships small and passenger counts low for this purpose. Butlers tend to passengers’ needs so they feel like they are being properly looked after.

3. Variety

The locations that are open to cruises almost seems limitless. Silverseas strives to offer a wide variety of destinations so that passengers can achieve their dream cruise.

4. Social activity

More than ever, passengers are looking for cruises that have strong Wi-Fi connection so that they can share their travel highlights as they unfold. Traditionally, cruises offered Wi-Fi for expensive rates but as more guests look for social media connectivity on their cruises, expensive Wi-Fi prices are becoming deal breakers.

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