Tue, 14 Nov, 2017Ben Squires

Shark attack: "I saw its teeth coming at me"

Shark attack: "I saw its teeth coming at me"

A British doctor surfing at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast has narrowly avoided a fishy fate while surfing, by punching a shark that had tried to attack him.

It sounds like a scene from Jaws, but 25-year-old Charlie Fry managed to narrowly avoid disaster by channelling his inner-Mick Fanning when the shark crossed his passed.

The marine creature reportedly bit him on the arm and shoulder just after his missed a wave. He’d be surfing with his two mates at around 4pm on Monday.

"I felt a smack on my right shoulder and when I turned around the shark breach and I saw its jaw and teeth coming at me,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“I just punched it with my left hand and shouted out to my mates and paddled so hard back to shore.

“It was terrifying but it only lasted five seconds. I’ll get to tell the story for the rest of my life.”

Mr Fry has been working as a doctor at Gosford Hospital for about two months, although he reportedly isn’t in a rush to let mum back at home know about the attack.

“Geez I don’t know if I can tell mum, she might kill me,” he said.

“I’ve just got here and I’ve already been attacked.

“People keep asking me what shark it was but I have no idea. All I know is that it was big and scary.”

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a close encounter in the surf?

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