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Best 6 European city river cruises

Best 6 European city river cruises

One of the bonuses of cruise vacations is you get to stop in at a bunch of amazing ports. Here’s our selection of the six best river cruises for city breaks.If you’ve been on any of these cruises, or think we should add some more let us know!

1. Budapest, Hungary

Romantic, complex and beautiful are just some words to describe the Hungarian capital, which provides a pleasant stop on any cruise along the Danube.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Nicknamed the “City of a Hundred Spires”, Prague is bisected by the Vltava River and provides a magnificent port stop, with colourful baroque architecture.

3. Berlin, Germany

A turbulent history combines with a rich, innovative future in the German capital, making Berlin a compelling port of call for any European river cruise.

4. Paris, France

A global centre for art, culture, food and history, Paris is a romantic, iconic destination and a real treat if you get the opportunity to visit this iconic European city.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Narrow houses, canals and cobbled streets are the hallmark of this historic European city which happens to be one of the prettiest locations on river cruises.

6. Vienna, Austria

Imperial palaces, amazing architecture and a rich vibrant history of art and culture are all on display in this iconic European city sitting on the mighty Danube.

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