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Woman buys her childhood home at auction

Woman buys her childhood home at auction

A young homebuyer has had an emotional win at auction, as she bought the home she grew up in. 

The auction was held at the home on election day in the Adelaide suburb of Para Vista, with Ray White’s chief auctioneer John Morris calling the sale a heartwarming result for the young woman. 

“Gemma was taken home to this house when she was born, and has now bought it back from the owners who her family sold it to in 2014,” Mr Morris said.

“As you can imagine, it is a very special sale for her and her partner who was watching on Facetime,” he said.

Gemma, 28, was the only bidder and bought the house for $460,000. 

Despite the emotional connection, Gemma said her childhood home was not originally on her radar when she started searching for a home. 

“My partner and I already have another house and we had been looking for another property as an investment,” she said.

“As we were searching online, the house came up and I was surprised to see it listed for sale.”

“We quickly spoke to our bank and decided to go for it.”

“As my partner works away we weren’t able to come for the inspections, so I decided to go to the auction nevertheless.”

“It was crazy. My parents were there too and it was a super emotional day for all of us.”

Gemma lived in the house from 1994 to 2012, where she said she holds many fond childhood memories. 

“At the moment, I am not looking to move in. We want to do it up and see how it goes,” she said.

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