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Supermodel Kristy Hinze Clark makes super profit on Florida mansion

Supermodel Kristy Hinze Clark makes super profit on Florida mansion

Kristy Hinze Clark and her husband, American tech titan Jim Clark, have just sold their sprawling Florida home for a record-breaking sum.

The couple’s 16-acre home in Palm Beach is expected to sell for more than $US 175 million ($NZD 279 million) in an off-market deal, according to The Wall Street Journal, in a deal far exceeding Florida’s current sales record of $US 130 million.

Hinz Clark and her billionaire husband are set to make around $US 81 million ($NZD 129 million) from the sale, which was a “spur of the moment purchase” 15 months ago.

According to property records, the oceanfront home was bought by the couple on March 8, 2021, for $US 94,173,300 ($NZD 150,418,303), when they thought they were going to live in Florida most of the time.

Mr Clark told the Wall Street Journal that, although they fell in love with the aesthetics and other features the home offered, they decided to stay in New York and enrol their two daughters there.

“In the end, we sort of thought, ‘How much will we come down here?’” he recalled. “I knew there was someone who wanted it and I beat them to it so I thought, ‘Let’s see if they want it again’.”

Boasting a total of 30 bedrooms spread across the 12-bedroom main home, two four-bedroom beachside cottages, the seven-bedroom Mango House, and a guest or staff house comprised of four studios.

Other luxe features include a swimming pool, tennis court, golfing area, half-basketball court, fitness centre, and a spa, as well as access to a dock and pier on Lake Worth.

The home itself has 360-degree views and is surrounded by 1200 feet of beach facing the Atlantic, and 1300 feet of frontage on the lake.

According to the listing from its 2021 sale, the home is also within a “singular microclimate” created by the Gulf Stream, meaning it is treated to “refreshing breezes and warmer waters, even when cooler weather prevails in Miami”.

“These unique conditions allowed for the creation of extensive botanical gardens that showcase neqarly 1,500 tropical species that replicate a ‘walk through the Caribbean’,” the listing reads.

“Look, it’s a phenomenal property,” Mr Clark said. “You can’t find anything like that in Florida.”

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