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Ever wanted to own a real castle?

Ever wanted to own a real castle?

A unique home on Australia's North Shore has hit the market, and it is expected to topple price records because there is not much quite like it in the quiet pocked of Sydney. The century-old castle in was built more than 100 years ago and is up to buy for over $25 million – and it is expected to go quickly.

Innisfallen Castle has stood overlooking the serene Sydney water for over 100 years and in that time has had just two owners.

The property was listed on the NSW State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999, making its preservation a top priority and solidifying the home as a permanent slice of history.

Innisfallen castle is a remnant of a bygone British era, sandwiched between the Aussie bush and glorious Sydney Harbour.

Inside the home, there is a grand entrance that backs on to a staircase, which in turn leads up to a stone turnet that offers million-dollar 360-degree views of Sydney.

The castle has not permanently stayed in the past though and has had minor upgrades that include a wine cellar, a gym and even a perfect space for a sauna underground.

The interior rooms reach just a little over four metres high and have late Victorian-style interiors.

Despite having modern fixtures added in the castle throughout the years, the decorations and styling has largely remained the same since the house was built – including the plasterwork and stained glass.

The heritage listed castle was made in 1902 from sandstone that was quarried on the site.

The property now sits on 8000 square metres of land and was named after a ruined Abbey at Killarney in Ireland and means 'Isle of the Field.

The first owner was Henry Willis - a federal politician who went on to pass it down to his son.

Images: Channel Nine