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This $2 packing trick is absolute genius

This $2 packing trick is absolute genius

Two dollars doesn’t go very far these days, but if you’ve got a gold coin handy and are a notoriously messy packer, you can still take advantage of a packing trick that is absolute genius.

The trick, which was shared with News.com.au by Sydneysider and professional travel blogger Leanne Melody, will prove to be a real lifesaver to anyone who typically has a hard time getting everything into the one bag.

Leanne says, “After this trip, I can’t travel without packing cubes. They’re $2 from Daiso and they’re the best thing ever to organise your clothes in, and keep everything compact and clutter free.”

Leanne was also keen to share a list of items she refuses to leave without when she’s jet-setting around the world (it’s a hard life for some). These include:

  • “A bar of laundry soap for those times you need to hand wash, and it doubles as a makeup brush cleaner.”
  • “A skipping rope for fitness and it doubles as my clothes line when I need to hand wash.”
What do you think of these $2 packing tip? Think you’ll try it?

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