Shannen Findlay


6 essential items you need to pack for your river cruise

6 essential items you need to pack for your river cruise

You may think river cruises are similar to ocean ones if you have never travelled down the stream before – but they could not be anymore different.

River cruises are a lot more focussed on frequent stops and minimal lounging onboard – afterall, the spectacular experiences that come with travelling through small towns and beautiful cities are once in a lifetime opportunities.

Here are a few items to take on your river cruise.

1. Walking shoes

You won’t be in your cabins a lot and walking from the start of your cruise vessel to the end will not be the only exercise you can expect while on holiday.

There are many sights to see, so pack a good pair of shoes that are sturdy, reliable and can go the distance.

2. Comfortable clothing

Comfort is an important part of your holiday, so bring a practical wardrobe in which you can explore the great sights by foot, bike or even train.

For evenings aboard your vessel – or even for the small town restaurants – bring smart casual pieces.

3. Medication

Take all the medication you need – unlike ocean cruises, trusty shops are not located on your vessel and it can be frustrating to have to walk through the gorgeous cities you paid thousands of dollars to be in, just to find some headache tablets or allergy pills.

Bring a mini first-aid kit just in case, as well as travel-sized bottles and hand sanitiser.

4. Adaptor

Remember, European adaptors differ from our own ones, so bring the cords you require and all your electronics can be charged for another day.

5. Exercise clothes

Many river cruises have gyms and swimming pools, so pack some exercise gear and swimmers in case they offer classes.

6. City Guidebooks, phrase books and currency calculator

For a seamless trip with minimal challenges, bring a city guidebook so you don’t miss out on all the sights to see.

Phrase books can be helpful too if you are in a country where the common tongue is not familiar to you.

A currency calculator can also be extremely helpful if you want to keep a close eye on your spending habits by converting all your money.