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Why ‘Queen’ Camilla has “always been on the cards”

Why ‘Queen’ Camilla has “always been on the cards”

With royal experts suggesting that Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne is imminent, many are wondering what title his wife Camilla will be given.

According to Princess Diana’s former private secretary, the Duchess of Cornwall will be formally declared Queen when her husband become monarch.

Patrick Jephson, who worked for the People’s Princess from 1989-1996, says that Camilla receiving the title of 'Queen' has “always been on the cards”.

"You'll never find it acknowledged," he added.

"You'll find clever wording like 'there are no plans' or 'it is not envisaged'. But I bet you a dollar to a donut Her Majesty Queen Camilla will be crowned."

The claim comes just months after the official Clarence House website removed references to Camilla receiving the title of Princess Consort when Charles is crowned king, a statement that was issued following the couple’s 2005 wedding.

The change on the website immediately sparked speculation that the heir to the throne was preparing for the transition he has been awaiting his entire life.

Mr Jephson also said the Queen’s eldest son had succeeded where his ancestor Edward VIII failed, by managing to divorce and marry without hindering his royal responsibilities.

Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry American divorcee Wallace Simpson.

"He married the woman he loves, despite them both being divorced, and he hasn't had to give up the throne," he said.

"Camilla's already got the one thing Wallace Simpson always wanted and never received: the title Her Royal Highness."

Royal corresponded Robert Jobson said the intention was always to make Camilla Queen but that the public needed time to warm to the idea of her first, reported The Mirror.

He said: "I am told Camilla will be named Queen Consort on Charles's ascension.”

"There would have to be a change in the law in Britain and several other realms before Charles becomes king for her not to be.”

Jobson added, "To alter her status would be a PR own goal, like insisting a president's wife should not be allowed the role and title of 'First Lady'."

Recently, royal speculators have suggested that the Queen will abdicate the throne in three years to allow her eldest to become King.

Once this happens, Prince William will then be crowned the Prince of Wales. 

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