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Why Prince Frederik’s brother is leaving Denmark

Why Prince Frederik’s brother is leaving Denmark

Prince Frederik’s younger brother, Prince Joachim, is packing his things and preparing for a new life in France with his family, the Danish Palace has announced.

The move, while not permanent, is due to the royal taking part in a prestigious military training course.

The 49-year-old has been given the opportunity to be a part of France’s highest-ranking military training course.

With only 30 people selected, the course is considered to be intense, with the year-long training running for six days a week, covering topics from military leadership to international relations.

Due to the prestigious opportunity, the Prince will move his wife, Princess Marie, and their two children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, to Paris in the summer.

It is said they will remain in the capital city till September 2020.

“The additional training in France supplements Prince Joachim’s current post in the Danish Defence, where the Prince is a special advisor to the chief of defence in relation to the reserve in 2015,” read a statement from the Danish Palace.

“The stay in France does not involve any changes in the couple’s ties to their patronages and partner organisations,” it said.

Prince Felix and Nikolai – Prince Joachim’s older children from his first marriage – will remain in Denmark to carry out their studies.

But before the royals get up and leave, the family – along with Prince Frederik, Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe – will pay tribute to the late Prince Henrik, who passed away in February last year at the age of 83.